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27 th Year Pongal Celebration - Japan

Event Location:
Kasai Civic Hall
Event Address:
Coordinator Details:
ACCEL Japan KK Software services
Phone: 080-3417-5595, 080-4169-1258
27 th Year Pongal Celebration - Japan
Events Schedule
13 January 2018 11.30 AM to 08.30 PM

Dear All,
We are pleased to invite you for our 27th year Pongal Function in Tokyo ‪on 13th January 2018(Saturday)‬ at "Kasai Civic Hall"
Get ready to enjoy this full day family event!

Details as follows:
Date: ‪13th Jan 2018 (Saturday)‬
Time: ‪11:30 to 19:30 (Pongal Lunch Starts from 11:30)‬
Place: Kasai Civic Hall (5 mins walk from Kasai Station on subway Tozai line)

Please refer to the attachment for details.

NOTE: The ticket price is inclusive of Spl Lunch, Evening
Coffee/Tea with snacks and
Light take out dinner.

Mr.Nassar - A versatile actor who has acted in various Tamil/ Telugu/ Hindi/ Malayalam movies will be our celebrity guest this year

27 th Year Pongal Celebration - Japan
Posted on: 09 Dec 2017   |    Views: 331 

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